Privacy policy

With the rapid development of IT technology, Kaji Corporation understands the greater societal demands for the protection of personal/company/organization names, addresses, email addresses, and other information that can identify a user. We are aware that the appropriate management of this information is important, which is why we have established the following policies.

  1. 01 Personal information management

    We appropriately manage customer/company names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal customer information using reasonable technological means to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, leakage, or other risks.

  2. 02 Purpose and scope of collection

    We will notify you when we collect personal information and only collect said information within the scope necessary.

  3. 03 Use of personal information

    Depending on the nature of the question asked, a related company, contractor, partner, or business partner may answer for us. For this reason, we may need to forward the details of the question to the relevant party.

  4. 04 Responsibilities of contractors

    Based on 03 above, it is the contractual responsibility of third parties to whom personal information has been provided to thoroughly and strictly manage said personal information on the same level as Kaji Corporation, to which we hold them responsible.

  5. 05 Disclosure to third parties

    We shall not disclose or supply customer information without their prior consent to third parties, i.e., not related companies, contractors, partners, or business partners, except in special situations where we are legally responsible for disclosing said information.

  6. 06 Observance and review of laws and regulations

    We will review or improve the handling of the aforementioned provisions as needed in order to further protect personal customer information and observe laws and regulations applicable to personal information.

  7. Inquiries

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  1. Privacy policy