What's EXGEL?

Redefining sitting comfort.

Our ideal sitting posture involves distributing
the pressure on your buttocks while you sit and
encouraging you to keep the angle of your pelvis and
the curve of your spine correct.
When you’re in a sitting position for a long time,
fluidity plays an indispensable role in responding to
the unconscious repeated shifting of your body.
EXGEL fulfills this role and fluidly distributes
your body pressure.This miracle material,
which has the perfect balance of resilience,
solves all the problems of shock, pressure,
and shifting that occur when you sit.

EXGEL’s three features solve the three problems
associated with sitting.

Performance: Vertical Force

When you sit for extended periods, you constantly apply a vertical force on your buttocks.

EXGEL demonstrated over 10 times the impact absorption performance of standard urethane foam in in-house tests.

It gently absorbs and distributes the shock from when you first sit down and the pressure when you sit for extended periods.

A golf ball is dropped from a 1-meter height. The ball bounces about half that height when dropped onto urethane foam; with EXGEL, the ball barely bounces at all, and the impact is absorbed.

Demonstration: Lateral Force

The body unconsciously and repeatedly shifts when we sit.

Tests of this lateral shifting showed that EXGEL can reduce the pressure on the buttocks because the gel freely moves along with the movement of the buttocks.

When a peach is pressed and moved sideways on urethane foam, its skin gets damaged from the friction produced; with EXGEL, no damage occurs.

Demonstration: Force Distribution

Pressure concentrates in a single spot when we sit, which leads to fatigue or pain.

EXGEL is an extremely flexible material
that redistributes the body pressure and alleviates a burden.

  1. What's EXGEL?