An Owl cushion designed for kids


  • 3D form
  • Owl pattern
  • Distribute body pressure
  • Posture maintenance
  • Prevents adduction
  • Prevents abduction
  • 3D form
  • Owl pattern
  • Distribute body pressure
  • Posture maintenance
  • Prevents adduction
  • Prevents abduction

Owl functions and design to make kids happy

Many people use wheelchairs that do not fit their bodies, slide forward in the wheelchair over time, or otherwise suffer problems when sitting in a wheelchair for a long period of time.
EXGEL cushions have had 20 years of success as wheelchair cushions. They are highly acclaimed for their effectiveness in body pressure distribution and bedsore prevention.
Owl Kids is an Owl cushion that has long been loved for its functionality and friendly owl design. It is designed for children who use wheelchairs. It is recommended for those who need posture support and tend to slide forward when using a wheelchair.


EXGEL prevents bottoming out

The extremely soft EXGEL provides cradling support to the ischium area.

It is an excellent gel material that resists deterioration over time and enables sitting without bottoming out.

Owl design that maximize sitting comfort.

Owl design for better pressure redistribution

1. Owl eyes for cradling the buttocks.
2. Owl slit for reducing the pressure on the coccyx and the sacral.

3.Owl feathers on the edge to reduce pressure on the thigh.

Special washable cover for comfort

● Waterproof top, sides, and bottom: It reduces sweatiness and has simple waterproofing functions.

● Effective slip resistance: The cover of the cushion and the bottom part have been made slip-resistant. The hook-and-loop fastener on the bottom cover also provides support for a stable sitting posture.

● High water resistance: The fastener with simple waterproofing functions increases the cushion’s water resistance.

3D foam

The 3D form that fits the body enables excellent distribution of body pressure and a stable sitting posture.

The cushion is designed to prevent adduction(1) and abduction(2).

Owl anchor

It prevents forward sliding movements and enables a stable sitting posture.

Forward-slanted design

The front edge is slanted to allow natural contact of the feet with the footrest.

Firm fit in wheelchairs

The bottom is tapered to fit wheelchair sling seats, enabling a stable sitting posture without bending the cushion.


Product name OWL KIDS


  • Top/Sides:Polyurethane syntetic leather
  • Filling:EXGEL (synthetic rubber), Polyurethane foam
  • Bottom:100% Nylon (Polyurethane and Acrylic coated)


  • Top/Sides:Polyester100%・Polyurethane foam・Urethane film
  • Bottom:100% Nylon (Polyurethane and Acrylic coated)
Color Body:Beige Cover:Black
Product Code
300 width 
  • Size W30×D32×H7(cm)
  • Weight approx.0.9kg
Product Code
260 width
  • Size W26×D28×H7(cm)
  • Weight approx.0.7kg
Product Code
280 width
  • Size W28×D30×H7(cm)
  • Weight approx.0.8kg
Product Code
320 width
  • Size W32×D34×H7(cm)
  • Weight approx.1.0kg

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*Product size and weight may vary.

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